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With access to over 150 trucks and trailers we can efficiently service customers throughout the United States.

Data Security

All hard drives and other media will be wiped clean and/or physically destroyed to ensure data security.


EACR carries all necessary licensing and permits.


We have the capabilities to recycle your outdated IT equipment and assist you with a convenient container or pick up service.


“We used another recycler for a while. They kept increasing their prices, and sometimes we would have to wait weeks for a pickup. Then we looked at what SAMR Inc. had to offer, and decided to give them a shot. We were so relieved to find that we made the right choice. The quote process was up front & transparent, there have been no unpleasant surprises, and they’re always there when we need them. We’ve been using them for 2 years and couldn’t imagine using anyone else.”

“As a small, very densely populated (borough), we collect a lot of material and need it moved out quickly. SAMR Inc. has provided service to us for several years, and if we call them on Monday or Tuesday, we can count on them to be here no later than Friday. This dependability is essential for things to run smoothly here, and we can’t thank our loyal partners at SAMR Inc. enough for assisting us with our e-waste recycling needs.”

“Our medical center had a complete technology upgrade and we were concerned about the data stored on our hard drives. Fortunately, we found SAMR Inc., a recycler which has an NJ Class D license and has been in business for over two decades. They came to our facility, performed on-site data destruction, and made a potentially stressful situation worry-free. Knowing that they were HIPAA compliant made using SAMR Inc. an easy decision. Receiving our Certificate of Destruction in such a timely fashion was the icing on the cake. I simply cannot recommend them enough.”

“We’ve used another vendor for electronics recycling, but decided on SAMR Inc. after being impressed by the range of options that they offered. They provided us with a walk in electronics dumpster that is sturdy, holds up in all weather conditions, and literally stores tons of our old computers & TVs. And once it’s full, all it takes is a quick call and they take away the full one & drop off an empty. It’s so convenient and has made a very labor intensive part of our work here stress-free.”

“In the current economy, we want to do what’s best for those who live here. We have been a closed container service customer with SAMR Inc. for a few years now and all has gone quite well. Having used other vendors and then making the switch, I can say that SAMR Inc. provides the most timely, cost-effective service of any company we’ve worked with. I have & will continue to refer them to representatives from other towns that I speak to, because I’m that confident that they will be as pleased with their recycling program as I am.” – Ray in Franklin, NJ

“I work in the records department of a medical center, and data security is everything to us & our patients. It’s a must that our partners are HIPAA compliant, and can provide us the assurance that our data will be destroyed. We work with SAMR Inc. because their track record of keeping data secure is second to none. They use a mobile shredder that properly destroyed all hard drive data, and provide documentation to back up their work. SAMR Inc. stands with us in never allowing data to end up where it doesn’t belong.” – Astrid in Bridgewater, NJ

“Over the last few years, we’ve experienced notable growth and our residents have expressed a need for an e-waste recycling program. Our neighbors suggested SAMR Inc. as a possible option. We gave them a try, and everything has been running smoothly. We fill up our dumpster, give them a call, and they arrive within a few days at the latest. It really takes the grunt work out of electronics recycling for us. We would absolutely recommend SAMR Inc. to a neighboring town based on their stellar service.”. – Jim in Washington, NJ

“Our radiology practice sits on the fourth floor of our office building. We had fairly heavy equipment in need of recycling and no elevator in our building. Fortunately, we found SAMR Inc. and things could not have gone smoother. The staff was totally professional and made transporting our material down the stairs look effortless. We were relieved at how this experience went and would choose SAMR Inc. again if a need for recycling material should present itself.”. – Lisa in Bordentown, NJ

“We get a lot of equipment as a business that uses all manner of electrical items in our daily work. For some time now, SAMR Inc. has been our local drop-off destination for all of these items when we stop using them. We clear space to help with our day-to-day operations, and they take most items at no charge. It’s been a very effective solution for us to dispose of what we need, so we’re grateful to have our friends at SAMR Inc. nearby.” George in Howell, NJ

“We’re a growing business that outgrew our old location and recently relocated. A lot of equipment did not make the move, and we needed an option to properly recycle the materials. That’s where SAMR Inc. came in. They hauled away everything that was left, and their thorough data destruction service ensured that we didn’t need to have any concerns about personal data or consumer files ending up where it doesn’t belong. Their professionalism was top notch and they cleared out an entire floor in a single morning. We would definitely use them again if a need for recycling outdated equipment came up.”

“Running a small charter school in a growing urban area has its challenges. Our enrollment is up and we needed to replace our old equipment with new computers & systems. We called on SAMR Inc. to take away the old items. We were beyond impressed that they came in on a day with early dismissal and took away all the obsolete material with one afternoon visit. The certificate came promptly, so we can rest assured that all of the sensitive information on our old hard drives was destroyed.”

“Our town had so much equipment dropped off from residents that we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Our last recycling left us in the lurch and we weren’t sure what to do. So we called SAMR Inc. and were pleasantly surprised by how prompt & courteous they were. A potentially hazardous situation was cleaned up completely in a couple of days, and they left us a dumpster which we switch out a few times per month. SAMR Inc. proved to be a highly effective solution for our e-waste recycling needs.”

“During the cold weather months, our old computers & TVs became quite burdensome for the Public Works staff. Removing snow and having equipment potentially get damaged proved quite costly for our township. We decided to reach out to SAMR Inc. to hopefully address this issue. Their sturdy overseas walk-in containers made for easy loading and protected all of the equipment we take in from the elements. We’ve been customers for 5 years and will remain so for the foreseeable future.”

“We’re a town of a few thousand people in eastern Pennsylvania. After receiving hundreds of calls & e-mails, we decided to put on a recycling event. SAMR Inc. offered the best rates, so we gave them a try. In a few hours, they assisted numerous residents with heavy TVs, took literally any electronic item that came in, completely loaded up their truck, and were on their way. You can tell they have extensive experience in working these events, because what seemed overwhelming turned out surprisingly seamless. We’re doing another event next year, and wouldn’t think of calling anyone other than SAMR Inc.”

“We recently experienced a whole slew of students entering the school system in our growing town. We brought in plenty of new systems and needed additional space to accommodate the incoming class. So we called on SAMR Inc. to haul away our old equipment to achieve this goal. Their staff was friendly, and their professionalism was second to none. We’ve used a few other companies in the past, but after such a positive experience along with a very fair quote, we couldn’t imagine using someone other than SAMR Inc. the next time we need our electronics recycled.”

“In the medical industry, privacy of customer data is not just important – we absolutely depend on it. You have to make certain that any recycler you use makes data security their top priority. We use SAMR Inc. because we know that they securely wipe all storage devices, and provide certificates that verify their destruction. This is critical for our continued operation, and the peace of mind that this provides will ensure that we are loyal to SAMR Inc. for years to come.”

“Our company had an out of state move planned, and we needed to recycle hundreds of pieces of equipment. One of our colleagues suggested that we use SAMR Inc. to haul away our material, and they went beyond our high expectations. Their professionalism, courtesy, and performance were excellent, and they were instrumental in making our transition from one office to another smooth & seamless. We wouldn’t contact anyone else if e-waste recycling needs come up for our company again.”

“Let’s talk about SAMR Inc. We’re a small town in rural New Jersey, over an hour away from the big cities. While other companies left us hanging, SAMR was there to pick up our material within 2-3 business days of calling them – every time. To keep things moving in our town, you need to have reliable partners in every aspect of your operation, and we’re glad we found one in SAMR for electronic waste collection.”

“As a person in charge of records for a medical center, data security is an absolute necessity for us. We need the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed data destruction. This is why SAMR Inc. is our trusted partner for ensuring the proper management of data stored on our obsolete computers. Their mobile hard drive shredder ensures that anything that is saved on a hard drive is properly destroyed, and they provide documentation to stand behind their work. With SAMR Inc., we know that our recycling & information management is in good hands.”

“Our annual recycling event has grown immensely in recent years. We needed a company that could handle the high volume and leave nothing behind. We were relieved that SAMR Inc. had a driver, staff, and enough equipment to collect everything that our residents dropped off with room to spare. There was one year where the response was absolutely massive and we couldn’t fit everything in the truck. They came back early Monday morning, picked up all the rest of the equipment, and by the start of the operating day, the parking lot was immaculate. We really can’t recommend them enough.”

“Our school district has 12 schools and over 5,000 students. We did a complete technology overhaul and had over 1,000 items ranging from computers to old VCRs taking up space. With the start of the new school year approaching, we called SAMR Inc. and they took away everything within 3 days. We’ve used several companies, and found they’re the only ones with the manpower & dedication to take on any job, regardless of size. We’d gladly recommend them to any school district in the same situation.”

“I operate a small business and have been stockpiling my old used equipment for a few years now. I looked for a solution to move it out and make some space, and a friend of mine referred me to SAMR Inc. In about an hour, they hauled everything away and you hardly even knew they were there. Our business kept moving along and the quote was completely affordable. I was pleased and relieved by how well this experience went, and would use them again without any second thoughts.”

“It’s not often I write something like this, but I was really impressed with the workers at SAMR Inc. We’re on the third floor of a building with no elevators, and they were able to move a 200 lb. copier down a couple flights of stairs. They made it look effortless. In addition, they were all very courteous, and the quote was completely reasonable. We can’t thank the staff at SAMR Inc. enough for helping us.”

“If you’re looking to move scrap metal out of your facility, I suggest getting in touch with Al over at SAMR Inc. We’ve shopped around for buyers in and out of the state, and found that they offered top dollar for our material. Everything was shipped out and we got the best value for everything. If you’re looking to get bang for the buck when it comes to your metal, Al’s your guy.”

Some of the Services We Offer

E-Waste Recycling Containers

All businesses and organizations need to recycle electronics. Now you could properly dispose of your old electronics by just walking right outside your door!

Electronics Recycling Pick up Service

Our E-waste Pick-Up Service is the perfect solution for towns or businesses that refresh their electronics in large quantities several times a year.

Asset Management Solutions

SAMR can offset or reverse the costs associated with retiring newer equipment, so you can collect on the remaining value of your hardware by using asset management services.

We offer a wide range of recycling solutions that we tailor to fit your business needs.

Contact us today to get started!

With computer technology changing rapidly, SAMR is your solution for recycling all of your outdated equipment. SAMR is based in Lakewood, NJ and is a leading electronic and computer recycling company serving the entire US. With services ranging from electronics and computer recycling to disposal and asset retrieval, we are a full service recycler for your disposal needs.

SAMR, an electronics recycling company provides the recycling solution that companies, towns, government entities, schools, and businesses are looking for. Your business can’t afford to compromise critical data when replacing computer systems. That’s where SAMR comes in. Our computer recycling specialists will ensure that you receive secure data destruction and your old systems and monitors are properly recycled.