About Us

Al Boufarah founded SAMR Inc. in 1998 as a solution to e-waste, which is disposed of improperly every day. With anywhere from 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste disposed of and only 12.5% of e-waste properly recycled worldwide each year, our work is more important than ever and at SAMR, we take this commitment very seriously. 

As a nationwide leader in electronic recycling, SAMR is a full service recycler offering data destruction and ensuring your data is kept safe in the process. SAMR offers convenient disposal of your e-waste products and has several locations across Virginia, enabling us to provide both pickups at your business and drop offs at one of our facilities. Call us today at 1-866-509-SAMR(7267) to arrange your e-waste disposal and let us handle the rest!

Service Areas

At SAMR, we are licensed to service most facilities in Virginia, working with schools and universities, hospitals, financial institutions, big box stores, and multiple small businesses in the community. We will help you make way for new technology to support your growing business by performing a full corporate clean out of your old, outdated electronics. Rest easy and assured, knowing that we will utilize state of the art equipment to ensure your data will stay safe and secure.  

How it Works

Everyday electronics like computers, phones, etc. pollute our landfills with toxic elements when they are thrown out through regular garbage disposal processes. SAMR strives to offer accessible service that is affordable for businesses of all sizes so that we can work together to protect our planet. We offer a container service for bigger jobs, supply you with multiple locations, and partner with many large shipping companies, ensuring that your packages safely arrive at our facilities.

We will break down your hard drives to make sure it can never be reassembled, protecting your data with our shredder, which shreds, crushes, and separates components of the hard drive. We ensure our technology is up to date and continuously upgrade it in order to support businesses that work with sensitive data like financial institutions and hospitals.


SAMR is a single-source recycler who can help your company with all of your electronics recycling needs. 

Click here to contact us or call us at 1-866-509-SAMR (7267) to find out how we can help!