E-Waste Recycling Containers

Our container program is the perfect solution for towns, businesses or organizations that frequently turn over large amounts of electronics throughout the entire year. If your organization refreshes smaller amounts of electronics at specific times during the year, then we would suggest that you consider our pick up service.



Who is our container service best suited for?

Our E-waste Container Service is the perfect solution for municipalities that want to offer residents a convenient electronics recycling solution.

How does it work?

When considering our container program you will be asked which type of electronics recycling container you would like to have delivered to your facility. You may choose from 2 types of containers that will best suit your needs. We recommend our closed containers if you will be placing the container in a non-gated area as it can be locked, or use our open containers for secure areas. Please be sure to check the sizes of each container below to ensure that you have adequate space to store the container.

SAMR will come right to your facility and drop off a container for you to fill, once the container is full you contact us and we will come and switch out the full container of e-waste with an empty one so that you won’t have to worry about it.

If you’re ready for the ease, convenience and peace of mind while recycling your e-waste with our container program, then simply contact us via the free quote page or call 732-370-4100 to speak to a customer service representative.

What items can you place into our containers?

As a leading recycler, we properly dispose of a wide variety of items. SAMR accepts anything with a plug or battery. Such items can include, but are not limited to:


Portable/Laptop Computers Monitors  Printers Fax Machines Scanners Keyboards & Mice
Main Frames Wire VCR / DVD Players Stereos & Radio Equipment Speakers Air Conditioners
Televisions Microwaves Space Heaters Humidifiers Dehumidifiers Servers
Propane Tanks Metal Copiers UPS/Battery Backup Metal – Non Ferrous Cameras
Cable Attachments Cell Phones & Telephones Modems E-book Readers MP3 Players Telecommunications Equipment

SAMR has designed a quick and simple pre-paid lamp, ballast and battery program. To learn more about the program please click here

If you have any questions about what can be placed in our containers please contact us at 732.370.4100.