Does your Highland Lake NY business or organization have old electronic equipment taking up valuable space at your premises? If so, you may be concerned about how to reclaim your space and dispose of retired electronic equipment safely and securely.

Electronic equipment has a fast turnover in modern society. To keep up with the ever-evolving new technologies that emerge, businesses need to continually replace computers and other devices to ensure they don’t fall behind. This creates two issues for businesses; firstly, they need to dispose of this equipment in an environmentally friendly way to comply with Highland Lake NY recycling regulations. Secondly, companies need to ensure their electronic waste is disposed of securely to protect their data. SAMR can help with both of these issues by providing an effective, reliable e-waste disposal service.

Why choose SAMR Inc for your e-waste recycling needs?

Here are some of the reasons SAMR Inc is a go-to choice for electronics recycling in Highland Lake NY and beyond:

We Match Our Service to Meet Your Individual Needs

As we are a full-service electronic recycling provider, we offer a range of services to best suit your needs. Our services include drop-off containers, electronic recycling collection events, and electronic recycling drop-off service. So, whatever your electronic waste needs, and wherever you are, we can help.

We Have the Experience and Capability Needed to Recycle Responsibly

Here at SAMR, we have over 20 years of experience recycling electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible and secure way. Our extensive knowledge and expertise make us an e-waste recycling company you can rely on. We are also licensed and have the permits required to provide a legal and responsible e-waste recycling service.

We Recycle a Wide Range of Electronic Devices

Electronics recycling is about so much more than just disposing of your old Highland Lake NY office computers. At SAMR, we can help with the safe and efficient recycling of all of your electronic equipment. We can help to dispose of laptops, cell phones, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and much more too.

We are an Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Choosing an e-waste recycling company that can dispose of your goods legally and safely is essential to guard your data and the environment. Instead of your electronic waste ending in the works in a landfill, we will safely disassemble your equipment ready to be recycled, ensuring your data is wiped or physically destroyed to guard your business’s security.

Servicing Highland Lake NY and Beyond

Regardless of whether you craving TV Disposal or to recycle your IT equipment, SAMR is proficient of handling it. We take care of your e-waste needs whether you compulsion electronic recycling in NJ or beyond. With our fleet of trucks ready to gather together your electronic waste, we can pick up your e-waste wherever you are.


Contact SAMR Today

Are you ready to have your waste electronics responsibly and securely disposed of? If you are looking for convenient, licensed Highland Lake NY electronic and computer recycling near me, contact SAMR today by calling us at (732) 370-4100 or contact us with the form to find out how we can help with your organization’s electronic recycling needs.