Computer & Electronic Recycling
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Recycling Services

  • E-Waste Recycling Containers
  • Electronics Recycling Pick-Up
  • Electronics Recycling Collection Events
  • Electronics Recycling Drop-Off

Our electronics pickup program is the perfect solution for Businesses and Corporations.

Our Certifications

  • NJ Class D License CDG170002
  • US EPA Id # NJR000054793
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • GLBA Compliant

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Services We Offer

  • Drop-Off Container Programs
  • Electronics Recycling Pick-Up Service
  • Asset Management Solutions
  • Electronics Recycling Collection Events
  • Electronics Recycling Drop Off
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Lamp and Ballast Recycling
  • Battery Recycling

About Us

SAMR is a premier electronics recycling company that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government entities. With more than 15 years of experience in the electronics and computer recycling industry, SAMR provides world-class professionalism and service.

SAMR operates a state-of-the-art facility in Lakewood, New Jersey. We are one of the only computer recycling companies that can legally and safely collect, disassemble and recycle computers.