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Electronics Recycling: Good for Your Company, Great for the Environment

SAMR offers asset recovery services such as computer recycling and PC disposal for companies.According to the EPA, computers, fluorescent lamps, and other electronics contribute about 70 percent of the lead, mercury and other heavy metals in landfills. These materials are proven to harm the environment. If your company is retiring old computer systems or electronics, it pays to recycle that electronic waste. SAMR (Supreme Asset Management Recycling) can help you with all of your electronic recycling needs. 

In addition to recycling your computers and electronics, SAMR can also help you determine the value of your newer computer equipment through our IT Asset Recovery services, and if rendered invaluable, we can help recycling it. It doesn't matter if you need battery recycling, CRT recycling or computer recycling. SAMR handles it all! 

Recycling Electronic Equipment in Compliance with Regulations
Our main recycling facility carries all necessary licensing and permits and is audited monthly to verify compliance with all local and federal regulations. Due to our long commitment to the environment, we have the expertise to recycle all electronics. We are constantly improving our process to lower costs, extract more value, and lower electronic recycling costs, all while making a positive impact on the enviroment.

Are you ready to explore electronic waste recycling for your company? Click here to contact us or call us at 1-866-509-SAMR (7267) to find out how we can help!